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A quick but VERY important questions for my Australian pagan members.

Could you please answer this question :

The Witches House is synonymus with who OR What ?

No, Im not being silly ! If you could please answer this for me, I would appreciate it very much, it is simply a question I would like answered.

If you could also answer, What (if anything ) Does the Witches House mean to you ?

Dark Blessings & Love Allison

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Thank you Jet !

For starters is indicates a house made of or from witches as opposed to being inhabited or owned by one or many. That would be The Witches'/Witch's House. People might immediately think of children in ovens, but that was a house owned by a witch and MADE of ginger bread...

Are you having a 'dead goldfish' issue?

You could say that LOL

Thank you for your reply Leonora =D

It seems odd that you might be having a 'dead goldfish' issue. I would have thought for most occult  practitioners the response would have been very similar to Tim's below. I mean, it's not like you called it 'The Bible Bookstore'. Any negative reference to witches' houses in literature comes about because of post Christianization interpretations. I would be interested to know if you've asked specifically Aussies because the issue is coming from places internationally or is coming from locals. Ugh, people can be so tiresome...

To me the Witches house gives me the impression of a sanctuary, safe house that sort of thing.

I have never actually been to the site until i saw the link posted by Jet, will have to order some goodies me thinks. :)

That would be lovely, thank you xx

Ok in my ignorance i just have to ask: What is a "Dead goldfish" issue? Your site looks awesome, btw, but i am a goth as well as a witch so i'm not put off by spooky font or lashings of red :)

Late last year a firm in Aus decided to pull an advertising plan that involved delivering goldfish to their clients etc. Only half the goldfish turned up dead, and for the rest, given people were about to go on annual leave and offices closed for a week or two were like, what the hell do we do with this goldfish. I don't even remember the tag line, or what the firm was selling but it was a marketing strategy that failed miserably, and was no small bit hilarious to everyone else (except for the poor goldfish). It probably sounded really hip & original to the marketers, but you know, they so often do... But now every time someone has an unexpected reaction or result in the negative in terms of marketing (like a negative reception to 'The Witches House') it's a 'dead goldfish issue', a strategy that requires a 're-examination'. Which is what WA is doing. Not quite the same league, but same vein.

I didn't even think of Hansel and Gretel until I read Leonora's comment.  It made me think of nothing really, when I read the question I automatically thought of your eshop.

Although, I did once have this image in my head of a house from a fantasy book I once read, a Hedgewitch's house, all herbs drying on the ceiling, hand made besom and spider webs in the corner. I think it was a Janny Wurts book.  I wish I could have a house like that, all rustic charm LOL

I thought it was pretty standard too, Bekah, that's why I'd be interested to know where the negative feedback (if any) is coming from. Because I would not have thought it would be 'anything' either. I must admit, most witches' home I know are a lot like what you described too. With added children's toys and pets.

Well, I have the spider webs and the toys, kids and pets, but not the other stuff.. So, half way there :-)

That qualifies by my standards, Bekah! I have random bowls of grifted and found nature to be used in brews and an abundance of old glass bottles and jars. I think regardless of what's in the house it is a witch's one because I live in it! LOL!  I'm sans spider webs though... Rental inspection next week... ;)


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