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A quick but VERY important questions for my Australian pagan members.

Could you please answer this question :

The Witches House is synonymus with who OR What ?

No, Im not being silly ! If you could please answer this for me, I would appreciate it very much, it is simply a question I would like answered.

If you could also answer, What (if anything ) Does the Witches House mean to you ?

Dark Blessings & Love Allison

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Thank you Jet !

You could say that LOL

Thank you for your reply Leonora =D

To me the Witches house gives me the impression of a sanctuary, safe house that sort of thing.

I have never actually been to the site until i saw the link posted by Jet, will have to order some goodies me thinks. :)

That would be lovely, thank you xx

Ok in my ignorance i just have to ask: What is a "Dead goldfish" issue? Your site looks awesome, btw, but i am a goth as well as a witch so i'm not put off by spooky font or lashings of red :)

I didn't even think of Hansel and Gretel until I read Leonora's comment.  It made me think of nothing really, when I read the question I automatically thought of your eshop.

Although, I did once have this image in my head of a house from a fantasy book I once read, a Hedgewitch's house, all herbs drying on the ceiling, hand made besom and spider webs in the corner. I think it was a Janny Wurts book.  I wish I could have a house like that, all rustic charm LOL

Well, I have the spider webs and the toys, kids and pets, but not the other stuff.. So, half way there :-)


The Witches House conjures up a cottage a wild garden, intrigue curiosity and a kind gut feeling that you want to go inside mixed with a little fear just to see whats within! "Come in my pretty's"


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