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Circa Lupo Sumunis

Circle Of wolves outer Circle Summon Spell

)Circle Of wolves outer Circle Summon Spell)

upon spirit wolves to add magic and to act as outer circle

totem animal spirits of teachers- some priests- shamans-
Often Many have this Spirit animal as a companion- spirit- totem
guide- and

grandfather taught me this summon for shamanic meditation- come
from my tribes

Miami Nation of Indiana

was my first principal
teacher of many arts and magic/ His own summoned owls- but since
I am of the
wolf this one suits me/ I have adapted it for other pagan/wiccan
circle usage/ 
Woodruff is my permanent warder often enjoys the company of the
others/ He has
been my warder since a child if not longer/

usage- such a circle of warding and in strengthening any circle/

have used this warding
Circle at samhain a few years past/ 
Since I was set up in a public park and many teenagers were
tricker-treating- and a few dog walkers and a few curious

had a few potential pest- a
few tried to sneak upon my candled circle/ Dogs and curious
owners first tried
to approach my circle- but the spirit wolves kept the dogs from
coming any
closer- to the point they would pull owners quite clear/ The
chant of the
goddess typically gave the owner the only clue they required/

next dare to try and
see if they could scare me/- for the pranksters I simply raise
my staff on hi -
and the chorus of spirit wolves began to howl as the winds
picked up with a
quick gust - enough it was to startled them - they quickly fled
for their minds
were already full of fear - so It was/






Preparation: Ground
and Center- Focas on the needs of the
circle and works at hand/

spell will summon the
required number and type of wolven Spirits From the depths/ The
spirit Realms-
Ferri Realms- Fenrir
court guards - elemental
realms for magus wolves/

Is A general Calling
Spell- the results are somewhat random (for Lord and Lady Know
best) Spirit
wolves may come and then leave if they cannot stay/ 
However a final ring will quickly stabilize/
Most will welcome being summoned to a working with God and
Goddess/  Again do Note: results vary on needs at hand-
also with Practice you can get far better results/ Some may take
multiple casts
at first- don

however can summon a few
dozen at whim for a well guard- or protection

Witch) a neophyte adherent*I used to know her house was under
Psychic attach
and she had brought it upon herself but the Witch war was
hitting all - but her
soon she made amends - but sleeping in the guest room I could
feel their wraith
without the warders/ She had in her initiate ways really irked
and harmed some
by her dating habits enough to get a Whole Coven and inner and
outer circle to
cast on her with a return negativity to her- and I just didn
appreciate being in the firing line


Cast visualize groups of
spirit wolves joining 4-5 is about average when having an
initiate casting- and
advanced Shaman or Priest or Hi Priest can probably do it in one

fear not it requires some
practice and good Visualizations/ This spell will expend a good
bit of manna
for the summoner - although it will add quite a boost of manna
to the circle as
a whole/

Practice you can think
and visualize 20 guardian and caster wolves

who will come will thus come when summoned/ In great haste they
can form a
circle for you if needed/

as a protection Circle in
a pinch or you need to quickly put together a circle/

Personal Notes: 

be use as a personal
warding circle , comes from Miami Nation of Indian lore via my
late grandfather
and  as mentioned earlier/ It
traditional uses are- shamanic working spirit journeying
healings and other rituals/

be summoned for

psychic attaches  )Shielding and Defense* if your being
by the attaches on you or just being hurled at people around
you/ The Sprit
wolves will ward the area in a large ring and craft a think
shield and permit
you to recover/

this spell is a good
training means as well
can teach good control with a lot of manna being used/

Duels- not normal a
traditional staple this spell helps ground off strays when doing
activities for purely training and learning I/E/ psychic self
defense/  I have also used this circle before in
traditional banishing and area exorcism/ I use this as my main
or outer circle

casts etc/

could easily adapt this to
your totem animal/ more purposes than you can shake a stick at/

to drone on but this was
my attempt to write so even a neophyte can use this/



The Spell: 

can be rewritten from and outer circle to be house purpose
etc- in you
head.  And cast with little problem or
bother - but for sake of argument it
just going to be a basic Circle
cast since the smaller bits can be quickly substituted -sacred
space could be
home etc- if under Physic attach.

mighty Wolven Spirits Arise From
the depths or realms ye whom hear my call - Arise with Mighty
howl may
elementals speed you hear - arise and Guard my circle - arise
from the depths
or Realms oh sacred wolven spirits- hear my plea extend your
blessings upon
this space.

this sacred circle and this
sacred space from all who don not belong unto it.

this space from all evil- and
all forces not wanted within, case always all that which need be
not with in
this sacred space-arise -arise oh wolven spirits with Mighty
Howl -bless this
space and make it safe.

oh sacred wolven spirits
with Might Howl- guard this space and lend me you sacred powers.

-arise oh sacred wolven
spirits - hear my plea hear my call were ever you may be come,
please come with
my tanks and lend your blessings upon this space-arise arise
with mighty howl.

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Comment by Michael Robert Lawrence on September 13, 2012 at 12:10pm

Fortunately I found a back up , many things got nuked When geocities fell , anyhow been digging though alot of old Back up dumps to find this one. 

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